L’École d’administration et de secrétariat de la Rive-Sud Inc. was founded in April 1972, located on Boulevard Curé-Poirier West in Longueuil. The college has existed for over 45 years, and thousands of graduates have entered the labour market to apply their new knowledge and skills.

The École de secrétariat Notre-Dame-des-Neiges was founded in January 1985 in Sherbrooke on Rue du Parc, which became Rue du Cégep a little later. Over the past 30 years, this recognized establishment in Sherbrooke has seen thousands of students graduate with vocational training in secretarial studies, medical and legal secretarial studies, and accounting.

In 1997, l’École d’administration et de secrétariat de la Rive-Sud Inc. embraced technological advances and transitioned from typewriters to computer technologies in all its classrooms. An innovator in the field, l’École d’administration et de secrétariat de la Rive-Sud Inc. was the first college in Greater Montreal where every student had access to a computer at all times.

In 2006, l’École d’administration et de secrétariat de la Rive-Sud inc. and l’École de secrétariat Notre-Dame-des-Neiges amalgamated and became the Collège de comptabilité et de secrétariat du Québec (CCSQ). Since this alliance, students have the option of studying at the Longueuil or Sherbrooke campuses. In 2012, the CCSQ Sherbrooke campus relocated to downtown Sherbrooke on Wellington Street.

The CCSQ is the leader in professional training for secretarial studies, accounting and computing support. It offers a dynamic, stimulating and warm learning environment that facilitates the development of all the skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

Always endeavouring to be at the cutting edge of technology to meet the demands of the workplace, the CCSQ prides itself on training new professionals capable of meeting the real needs of today’s businesses.

In the last few years, the CCSQ has offered its courses in a virtual setting, allowing students to study from home. Virtual training incorporates facets of on-site learning, such as interaction with teachers and classmates.

Regardless of the option chosen, our programs ensure that graduates acquire a competitive edge in the labour market.